Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prototype 2 Trainer +60 - PC GODMODE - ALL VERSION

Prototype 2 Trainer/Cheat/Hack;


Below are the features of the Prototype 2 Trainer/Cheat/Hack;

Trainer Options:
Insert - Enable Trainer
Numpad 1 - Unlimited/Infinite Health - GODMODE  *INSANE HOT*
Numpad 2 - Unlimited/Infinite Vehicle Health*HOT*
Numpad 3 - Unlimited/Infinite Ammo*HOT*
Numpad 4 - No Reload *INSANE HOT*
Numpad 5 - Mega Speed - Lite *INSANE HOT*
Numpad 6 - Mega Speed - Boost  *INSANE HOT*
Numpad 7 - Mega Jump *INSANE HOT*
Numpad 8 - Disarm Enemies *INSANE HOT*
Numpad 9 - Unlimited/Infinite Evolution Points  *INSANE HOT*
F2 - Super Kill  *INSANE HOT*
F3 - Invisible *INSANE HOT*
F4 - Enemies Cant Attack *INSANE HOT*
F5 - Remove Fall Impact *INSANE HOT*
F7 - Enable Flying *INSANE HOT*
F8 - Drain Enemy Target *INSANE HOT*
F9 - Zero Fall Damage  *INSANE HOT*
F10- Mega Bullet  *INSANE HOT*
F11 - Unlock ALL Skills, Abilities, Mutations and Power
Page Up - Save Position
Page Down - Teleport
End- Return to original position
Home - Disable ALL


Description of the Prototype 2 Trainer/Cheat/Hack;
Insert - Enable Trainer
Numpad 1 - Unlimited/Infinite Health - GODMODE  ( your health generates at an insane rate)
Numpad 2 - Unlimited/Infinite Vehicle Health ( you will have vehicles that will not be destroyed no matter what)
Numpad 3 - Unlimited/Infinite Ammo ( once activated -your ammo number will never decrease - applicable to ALL type of weapons)
Numpad 4 - No Reload (shoot continuously without the need to reload - applicable to all weapons)
Numpad 5- Mega Speed - Lite ( when toggled - your movement speed will increase drastically)
Numpad 6 - Mega Speed - Boost (Three times faster than option 5)
Numpad 7- Mega Jump  ( useful when you want to reach high level in a short time)
Numpad 8- Disarm Enemies ( all enemies' weapons will be unusable aka they could no longer be able to shoot. PS; They still use melee attack)
Numpad 9 - Unlimited/Infinite Evolution Points ( Press to add some evolution points - can be done indefinitely)
F1 - ONE HIT KO (All enemy units will be killed with single hit regardless of their level, armor or defense skill)
F2 - Super Kill  (when activated, able to kill up to three enemy units with single hit)
F3 - Invisible (enable to activate the invisibility mode - avoid the high level enemies easily with this option)
F4 - Enemies cant attack (enemies will not attack you even though you are in front of them. They treat you as their own team)
F5 - Remove Fall Impact (Activate this when you want to jump from high area - you will receive minimal damage)
F6 - INSANE Firing (killing spree mode)
F7 - Enable Flying (same option as zero gravity)
F8 - Drain Enemy Target (once activated, all bad guys can be taken down easily)
F9 - Zero Fall Damage ( once activated, you will take zero damage when you fall from high places)
F10 - Mega Bullet (Enemies got hit will be thrown away to the far end. They still may not die from the impact. This option is added for fun =)
F11 - F11 - Unlock ALL Skills, Abilities, Mutations and Power ( Unlock everything that you could think of!)
Home - Disable ALL

A video game trainer is a small program made with the sole purpose of modifying a game's original code. The most popular use of a video game trainer is to enable cheats for the game, where otherwise it would be impossible to do so. Or, in cases where better cheats could be activated with less work by the end user.
Video game trainers are most common in PC video games, but can also be used in consoles where the console's hardware or bios has been modified to run non-original code and content.
Trainers are normally coded in the same way as virus. There is nothing to worry about if you have virus warning issues when you run the trainers. Simply put the trainers as the safe programs in your antivirus files. All trainers from Hack and Game Paradize are fully scanned with and guaranteed to be virus free.

Prototype 2  (STEAM)  - Trainer/Cheat/Hack-INSANE!

Tested on ALL UPDATED VERSIONS - Xlive/Skidrow/Multiplayer/ONLINE - everything!  Current Status - Checked daily Working

Download Tutorial - Steps By Steps

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